The reason The Sims 3 doesn't work on your MacBook Pro is because the game doesn't work on Intel Iris graphics. According to @BluebellFlora and @Ashpeef, TS3 has problems with Intel Iris and Intel Iris Pro graphics. If your iMac played TS3 without issues, you probably didn't have the 2.7 GHz iMac which has Intel Iris Pro.

Problems with Your Internet Connection If you have trouble with your Internet connection, you can try the steps in this section starting with Network Diagnostics. To use Network Diagnostics: 1 . Choose Apple ( ) > System Preferences. 2 . Click Network and then click “Assist me” at the bottom of the page. Jul 03, 2019 · Reboot the Wi-Fi router, connect your Apple TV and your MacBook to the same Wi-Fi again and give it a try. Sending Audio Content from MacBook to Apple TV. You can Airplay both video and audio from your MacBook to your Apple TV. If you are trying to pipe just audio to play on your Apple TV from your MacBook, make sure that the following In case your Mac appears to be connected to WiFi Network, but you are unable to connect to Internet, you may need to Renew DHCP Lease. 1. Click on Apple Logo in the top menu-bar > select System Preferences… in the drop-down menu. 2. On System Preferences screen, click on the Network option. 3. Dec 27, 2018 · Now you don’t have to worry again your Internet connection is drop. I always use this in my home with my fast internet connection, see yourself the different using WiFi connection and Ethernet Adapter in your Macbook Pro. Note: Report to me by comment below if the download link is not working and tell me anything related this topic. Jul 13, 2017 · Last year, I started noticing occasional issues with the Magic Mouse I use with a 2015, 13-inch MacBook Air. Everything would be fine for hours, then the Bluetooth connection would suddenly drop. Oct 28, 2019 · Same problem here with a MacBook Pro since the upgrade to Catalina. Every time just reset the PRAM, reset the SMC, safe mode start etc etc and yes, a few hours wifi if I am lucky. Sad to read how this mishap is handled by the Apple kingdom.

Jan 01, 2007 · I finally got it to work for a few minutes and posted a request for help in Apple’s Internet, Networking the MacBook Pro Support Forum. I promptly headed for the gym to chill out. After an hour’s hard run, I came back to the forum and found that a guy named Brody had posted a reply.

Jun 27, 2011 · Most connections work by your Mac connecting to a modem/router, which connects to the internet. Things could be wrong between your computer and the router, or the router and the internet. Check the A powerful MacBook Pro can be rendered useless if it has very slow internet connection. Most activities on your Mac these days likely require internet connection, so this is an urgent concern to tackle. Try one of the troubleshooting steps and fixes we enumerated above. Got an experience with connection on MacBook Pro slower than other computers? Aug 25, 2018 · How To Fix Common Connection Wi-Fi Issue: Self-assigned IP on MacBook. No Internet Connection issue can be caused by many things, and one of those is self-assigned IP issue. We are going to troubleshoot and fix the self-assigned IP on MacBook. I’m going to share one solution for this issue. macOS Catalina 10.15.6 successfully fixes a frustrating bug that prevented some USB 2.0 accessories from working properly with 2020 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, according to MacRumors

Could not connect with Apple TV MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Quick Tips: Connect Apple TV and MacBook to the same Wi-Fi network. Disable/Enable Airplay several times. Restart MacBook and Apple TV. Reboot Wi-Fi Modem/Router. Disable Bluetooth on Mac. Not to mention, but don’t try to Airplay more than one device at the same time.

macOS Catalina 10.15.6 successfully fixes a frustrating bug that prevented some USB 2.0 accessories from working properly with 2020 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, according to MacRumors Oct 09, 2017 · If you’re going crazy because of WiFi not working on a Mac, MacBook Air or Pro, here are the most common ways to fix WiFi connection problems on your Mac. WiFi connection issues can sometimes be mysterious, temperamental and extremely frustrating particularly if other people or devices seem to have no problem connecting to the same network.