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salut tout le monde! g de gros soucis avec emule v0.49a. je n'arrive pas a trouver les ports tcp et udp. g essayer plein d'endroit pour les trouver et rien. le test des ports est toujours negatif. please A L'AIDE. eMule download | Mar 31, 2016

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eMule-Project::Connection Test While eMule still works, this will give you several disadvantages. Therfore it is highly recommended to solve this problem. How to resolve port problems Something is interfering with your network communications. There are two main reasons for this:If you are using a firewall, ensure that your firwall don't block the required ports! You might Online Content | Series, films, music, sports, books and software at your fingertips. Enjoy all online content right now. No waiting, no downloading. Firewall Blocking Program - How to open ports? | Norton Jan 11, 2009 chec De Mappage Des Ports Emule Purevpn 👋IPVanishPros+