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School Dominator, Apt Kanji : 学園を統べる者 アプト Kana : がくえんをすべるもの アプト Phonetic : Gakuen wo Suberumono Aputo Translation : One Who Rules the School, Apt Grade / … Apt | Definition of Apt by Merriam-Webster Apt definition is - unusually fitted or qualified : ready. How to use apt in a sentence. liable vs. apt Synonym Discussion of apt. Apt, Vaucluse - Simple English Wikipedia, the free


APT (short for Advanced Packaging Tool) is a package management system which finds it origin in the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, and is based on the dpkg package management.. APT was introduced in the Deambox world since OE 2.2. (For dreamboxes with OE 1.6 or OE 2.0, OPKG is used.) The package management in the shell is a powerful tool for the Dreambox, and offers far more … APT - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 APT可以自动下载,配置,安裝二进制或者源代码格式的软件包,因此简化了Unix系統上管理软件的过程。APT最早被設計成dpkg的前端,用來處理deb格式的軟件包。現在經過APT-RPM組織修改,APT已經可以安裝在支援RPM的系統管理RPM套件。 APT - 나무위키

APT - Debian Wiki テンプレートを表示 APT ( Advanced Packaging Tool [2] 、あるいは Advanced Package Tool [3] [4] ともいう) とは、 ソフトウェア の インストール と アンインストール (削除)を自動的に行ない、ソフトウェアの管理を簡単に行えるようにするための仕組みの1

Apt, Vaucluse - Wikipedia Geological age. Apt is the etymological source of the Aptian, an age in the geologic timescale, a subdivision of the Early or Lower Cretaceous epoch or series and encompasses the time from 125.0 ± 1.0 Ma to 112.0 ± 1.0 Ma (million years ago), approximately. The original type locality is in the vicinity of Apt. The Aptian was introduced in scientific literature by French palaeontologist APT - Wikipedia