Im have been trying to download torrents using uTorrent but I cant get passed connecting to peers. Im on a wired connection at my college, and one of my roommates has been able to torrent no problem, so its not the wired connection thats the issue. Im using an Asus laptop, Windows 8.1. My tracker

for 2 torrents then was stuck on connecting peers aswell. So I had to dive into this shit.. This is what worked for me: 1-Close utorrent 2-Go to the folder search bar and search %AppData% then click roaming. 3-Remove the settings.dat and settings.dat.old files in the utorrent/bittorrent folder 4-Restart utorrent. This worked immediately. Oct 13, 2016 · Rebooting utorrent and computer. Once in blue moon this works. Resetting wifi adapter in windows. Connecting via ethernet. Running a speed check on my wifi. It is fast. Using torrents I know have lots of seeders. Using a different wifi connection. Shutting off my antivirus (Avast). Oct 26, 2016 · STEP 1) If UTORRENT says “connecting to peers” while you download your film it will look like this.If it is so please check your internet connection.if there is no problem in the internet connection follow the steps) Go to your downloading movie and right click on it STEP 2 May 10, 2016 · Utorrent Blocked by Firewall / Antivirus This is the most common problem for Utorrent not downloading problem. When you install Utorrent or Vuze, there is an option usually to check (during installation) to let the Firewall allow the Utorrent to access internet. 14.6K views May 18, 2020 · What Causes the BitTorrent or uTorrent Not Downloading/Connecting to Peers? A number of reasons can cause the uTorrent not downloading problem, the primary being dead torrent or no seeds. If a torrent file is too old, the number of seeds can be low, meaning only a few people are uploading it. Hence, slow download or not at all.

Utorrent Says Connecting To Peers For A Long Time. My Bit Torrent download is stuck at connecting peers. It was working fine until last night, and when I opened the PC this morning I was not able to download anything. There is a healthy number of seeds in the file too, more than 800. How do I proceed downloading with Bit Torrent?

Apr 16, 2019 · I can't give you a precise prognosis without more information. However, I recommend you go through this process: Firstly, try to update your trackers. You can do this by right clicking and selecting update/refresh tracker. Hey Reddit, I've been using utorrent with the private internet access VPN for about a year now. I went on vacation and came back, and now I can't get any torrent past "connecting to peers", it must be something wrong with my settings, because I can't even get the magnet link off of to connect to peers, I have also tried turning off the VPN, but still having no luck. 3.3.14 64-bit on Win 10 I noticed that qBittorrent doesn't connect to some peers while uTorrent 2.2.1 instantly finds them. I wasn't able to connect to sole seeder on private tracker and asked ppl to help (download and seed to me).

Jan 25, 2008 · Remember that each peer themselves is someone else running their own torrent client, they could be maxed out on connections or bandwidth so you're just queued up to try connecting to them later. It's also possible you aren't fully connectable so aren't able to directly connect to all peers.

Aug 27, 2013 · My torrents have worked for about 2 weeks and have downloaded fine, but a few days ago, whenever i try to download a torrent, it always stays stuck at connecting to peers. Sometimes it goes to Downloading 0.0%, but then it goes back immediately to connecting to peers. Im using Kaspersky Intern A file I'm downloading has about 35 seeds and 6000 peers. The comments on the page are of everyone getting to the same amount and getting stuck. Is there a way to get utorrent (or another program) to connect to only seeds or aggressively hunt for just the last 2 pieces and then share only those to pieces to try and get this to everyone a little